We provide a therapeutic environment, taking into consideration the individual needs of each youth.  Services include day-to-day living skills, individual and group support, counseling, educational and familial support.  The program staff are available to acts as a liaison between the youth and their larger environment such as their school, the Children’s’ Aid Society, the Criminal Justice System, the community and family.

Jen’s Place staff consists of Child and Youth Workers,  and a Consulting Psychologist (Dr. Gary Freeman).

Jen’s Place:

  • is a Long-term Care Facility. Providing youth placed in this residence the opportunity to remain in a stable environment.
  • provides  Individualized Therapeutic Programs tailored to address emotional, behavioural, educational and social difficulties.
  • is wholeheartedly committed to integrating an environment of respect, and normalcy with a variety of intervention/treatment approaches.
  • will undertake the role of caregiver and will be a proactive participant in the development of the youth in its care.
  • provides 24 hour staff supervision for the youth who reside in the home.

Download information on Jen’s Place ?Behaviour Management Style


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