Our Vision

Through our experience working with youth within the child welfare system, it is overwhelmingly clear that there is a need for quality residential placements that offer a nurturing environment that not only manages behaviours but also provides interventions that promote positive physical, emotional, social and cognitive growth.

A quality residential placement for youth involved with the child welfare system is truly an area of human services that can make a difference in both the present and the future.

Too often, the ‘system’ lacks a true recognition of a child’s needs, which furthers any damage that began in the biological home.  Jen’s Place wants to offer an environment that is based on normalizing versus pathologizing, nourishing, encouraging, supporting, stimulating and strengthening capabilities as part of a treatment program.

“It is the mission of Jen’s Place, with each and every child we work with, to provide the child with an environment in which he or she now belongs.  The mission intends to assist each child to identify his or her own capacities, their own talents, their own resiliency, their own strengths and ability to successfully address the struggles they face.”

Jen’s Place will do this by providing children with an environment that empowers and promotes change and motivation.  This environment is one that includes families, neighborhoods, schools and community.  Each child will have a sense of possibility and will feel that they are more capable of managing the different life experiences confidently and productively.



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