Prior to placement, a Referral Package must be submitted for consideration.
This includes:

  1. Personal identifying information,
  2. The youth’s family background and social history,
  3. School information
  4. Medical information including handicap and/or limitation on physical ability,
  5. Religious information including religious activities,
  6. Any criminal and court matters
  7. The youth’s developmental, emotional, social and physical needs including report or other relevant assessment, any diagnosis resulting from such assessments,
  8. A statement of the youth’s needs while residing at Jen’s Place
  9. The youth’s interests, abilities, strengths, limitations and habits,
  10. A description of parental and family involvement, visitation and contact.
Emergency Placements

At times, situations occur
that require a youth to be
placed without a pre-placement visit.

In this situation,
Jen’s Place will attempt to
integrate the youth into the
program slowly with an initial commitment for 30 days.

If the youth meets the criteria, a follow up interview must be arranged. The interview will include:

  • A description of the program
  • A description of the community
  • A general description of the current residents
  • A tour of the home
  • A question and answer period for the youth, the worker and significant other
  • An opportunity to clarify any questions, comments or concerns from the referral package

If the decision is to proceed with the placement, arrangements for pre-placement visits are encouraged.  The purpose of pre-placement visits is to ensure that this placement is a fit for the referred youth.

To request a Program Brochure or information email Jennifer Dyment.


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