How We Help

At Jen’s Place, we provide:

  1. A nurturing environment to youth, ages 11-17 years old that are in the care and custody of a Children’s Aid Society.
  2. A multi-faceted approach to group care that meets each individual youth’s, physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs in order to promote positive and productive growth in each of these developmental domains.
  3.  A family type environment to children in care and to include them in normal day-to-day activities to remove any evidence of differentness.
  4. Care that is based on strengths rather than deficits.  To ensure that programming in individual to the child so the fit between the child and the expectations is beneficial.
  5.  Child support, including family, schools, community, etc. to ensure the development of a cohesive and feasible treatment plan.
  6. Active participation in the community so that youth may have experiences that promote identity and long-term goal formation.
  7. Strategies for managing behaviour that are therapeutic rather than reactive and punitive.  Behaviour management techniques will be intended to reduce social isolation and attachment difficulties.  They will be humanistic and individualistic, authoritative rather than authoritarian or based on power over.
  8. Support and guide youth in their endeavor towards participating successfully in the adult world.
  9. To create a positive sense of self-esteem and self-efficacy so that each youth is confident in themselves and trusting in others.
  10. Opportunities for developing valued adult characteristics such as self-reliance, independence, positive group membership and constructive community participation.

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