Fostering Positive Mental Health

In February 2013 The Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit sent out in its regular publication a great article titled ‘Fostering Positive Mental Health’ that identified some tips on what caregivers can do to foster good mental health in children and teens that assist in ‘helping young people develop strengths and talents, feel valued and respected, cared for and understood’ (p.2).  It also provided a link to a free booklet that provides information identifying features and skill development to assist in working with children and youth.  Check out the link for more information.

What to do to foster good mental health;

  • Show you care by giving your child affection, time and attention
  • Talk with an optimistic outlook on life
  • Support kids to set achievable goals at school and home
  • Give them opportunities to try new skills and celebrate their efforts
  • Show interest and offer guidance to problem solve.  Kids may have difficulty with managing time, peer pressures, fears and worries
  • Have healthy food available, fun activities and regular sleep routines at home for everyone, including yourself
  • Help build an positive school environment

(Health Matters, Feb. 2013)

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