The Therapeutic Use of Daily Life Events, commonly referred to as dle ™, is designed to help the direct care practitioner become more effective in daily interactions with young people and families. Through a focus on everyday events and how these events connect to the overall goals established with young people and/or families, the direct care practitioner adopts a more pro-active approach in intervention.dle offers the potential to make every moment with young people and families more meaningful.

Using dle in your practice will:

  • Demonstrate the importance of using everyday life events as a therapeutic intervention and how to ‘make moments meaningful’ in our encounters with young people and families.
  • Provide tools to promote powerful connection with individuals and experiencing their lives with them as it unfolds.
  • Provide knowledge and skills for a strengths-based approach.

Course Goals

Participants will:

  • demonstrate an appreciation for the importance of common daily events.
  • explain the concept and process of using everyday events for helping youth.
  • develop skills in using everyday live events to facilitate change
  • identify how their practice might incorporate this approach.

Participants will develop skills that assist them to focus on small important moments and experiences with young people.

dle is useful to child and youth care workers, educators, youth workers, foster parents, counselors, social workers, psychologists, and all professionals engaged in support, prevention and treatment with young people and families.

Trainings can be arranged specifically to meet the needs of your organization

For more information on dle, visit; www.transformaction.com

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